Treadmill lubricants are specialized so don’t use just any ol’ lube

Even if you have used treadmill lubricants and care kits and kept up regular maintenance of your machine, some treadmill parts will erode simply through constant wear and tear. But you cannot just use any old lubricant to keep your treadmill working well. Using any old household lube such as WD-40, silicone spray, or oil will not help your treadmill run effectively in fact it will probably seize it up eventually.

According to the Treadmill Doctor, if you wish to be like thousands of other people who have ruined their treadmill or at least bought themselves a new walking belt, GO AHEAD! Most of these products contain petroleum distillates that will absolutely ruin the belt. On the other hand, specialized lubricants such as Treadmill Lube have been specifically formulated to be totally synthetic and petroleum free! If you own a treadmill or if you are planning to buy one, you need to buy some Treadmill Lube today.

While most parts can be cheap to replace, the motor is obviously the part that you want to mostly avoid having to replace. Make sure your treadmill does not share the circuit with any other electrical device such as a TV, radio or any other appliance. All treadmills run on a 15-amp circuit. Keeping the treadmill on its own circuit will protect the electronics and treadmill motor. Also ensure that you don’t use a cheap lubricant, but rather invest in specialist treadmill lubricants such as Treadmill Lube to ensure you are caring for the motor properly. Check out the main page for treadmill workouts.

Treadmill Accessories make your workout more comfortable.

Treadmill Accessories

  • Does your treadmill see more action as a clothes hanger than as the cool cardio machine it really is?
  • Does your treadmill workout leave you feeling a bit like a gerbil in a wheel?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, maybe it’s time to take it up a notch with the right accessories. Get more out of your workout.

Make sure you’re working hard enough with a heart rate monitor. It’s not often you can find one for under $100, but they have them at

Spice up your workout with great videos/DVDs that really get you going and keep you going.

A fully adjustable reading rack allows for a more comfortable reading position. Clear plastic leaves the treadmill display screen visible. Find the one that suits you for $29-$39 at Discount

A cardio caddy will keep all your gear organized and within reach. Look for a model that holds a water bottle, TV remote, your keys and a towel. Body Trends has a model for $20.99 that clamps onto round or square poles: Body

Keep your treadmill in top shape!

A poorly-maintained treadmill is no fun to use. If your machine isn’t running smoothly, it can add stress to your knees and hips causing injury. Protect your joints and your investment with regular maintenance. The belt should be cleaned and lubricated regularly.

Find all-in-one maintenance kits for about $29-$38 at The kits include belt cleaner, lubricant, a surge protector and three treadmill keys.

If you log enough miles, your treadmill belt will eventually wear out. So if it’s time to replace the belt, first congratulate yourself on sticking to your program and then check out new belts for $89-$149 at Treadmill

Put a mat under your treadmill and it will protect the floor and dampen noise and vibration. CheapFitness. com