The True treadmill range offering a quality exercise option

True Treadmills continue to receive favorable reviews in popular fitness magazines such as Shape, Men’s Journal and Runners World. Aside from being at the forefront of technology, True Treadmills are also well known for their sturdiness, reliability and longevity. Every treadmill from the True line is designed to cater for the natural movement of the human body in motion resulting in far less strain on the muscles, bones and ligaments during exercise.

Features that distinguish Treadmills from the True line from other brands include an advanced shock absorption system, user-friendly display consoles, four diverse pre-set exercise programs and a Heart Rate Control feature. This causes treadmills to adjust automatically to personal target heart rates to allow the user to work at their optimum.

The Treadmill range from the True series features the 400 series, the 500 series, the 540 series and the 550ZTX series. The True 400 series treadmills are the most economical which makes them the most widely sought after of models offered by the brand. Similarly, the True 500 series combines the power of a 3.0 HP continuous duty engine with True Touch Technology to ensure the best value for money possible.

The True 540 series of Treadmills are equipped with an oversized 22″x 54″ running surface to allow for extra stride space and a Manual S.O.F.T Select option which allows for the personalization of treadmill surface softness to suite individual needs. Lastly, True models in the 550ZTX series combine advanced technology with a super oversized 22″x 54″ running surface and a Tri-Colour Matrix display to produce the ultimate in home treadmills.

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