Treadmill exercise routines for a buffed body

The key to using a treadmill is to making the activity fun. By implementing treadmill exercise routines that you can enjoy and even look forward to will keep you motivated and fit and healthy.

Here are some suggestions for spicing up your exercise routines on your treadmill:

  • Videotape your favorite television program or movie and watch them while you are on the treadmill.
  • Watch an exercise video in half-hour increments during your workout.
  • Use hand weights or wrist weights to add to your “treadmill power workout”.
  • Listen to books on tape and get smarter while you slim down on your treadmill.
  • Increase your motivation by hanging a picture of how you want to look, near your treadmill, as inspiration to reach your goal.
  • Do your laundry and walk until the buzzer on the dryer or washing machine goes off.
  • Light scented candles and walk in relaxing semi-darkness to some soft thoughtful music for a true mind/body experience!
  • Put dinner in the oven and walk until the oven timer sounds.
  • Interval circuit train- Walk for 10 minutes and then get off the treadmill and perform a set of strength training exercises.

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