Treadmill Workout – Planning An Effective Routine

Studies show that in order to lose weight safely and keep it off, you need to exercise and exercise regularly. It is also known that people who are not overweight benefit from an exercise or workout routine including an effective treadmill workout.

The type of effective treadmill workouts that are best for you depends on your overall fitness level, what you are trying to accomplish, and what you enjoy doing. Continuous workouts and training is perhaps the most common type of effective workout. Essentially, this involves running at a set pace, usually for 20 to 45 minutes on a different course or track that is preprogrammed into the treadmill. For those who prefer a more demanding effective workout on the treadmill or who are in training for marathons or other stamina events it is best to undertake interval training. It consists of shorter bouts of activity performed in quick succession and at a higher intensity. Because this requires more effort and concentration, it may be difficult to let your mind wander or to focus on other activities such as reading or TV.

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